Tesla Model S and X Refresh

For a few months now the rumors about a facelift for Tesla’s Model S and X have been circulating. After the last quarter, where both models have seen significant sales decreases – not least thanks to the success of the Model 3 – the rumors are intensifying on which changes may be coming.

Electrek now reports that not only a new electric motor is expected, but also the use of the 2170 battery cells currently deployed in the Model 3. Those are a bit taller than the 18650 cells that are in the Model S and X, and they have about 30 percent more capacity. Looking at the architecture of the Model S and X that would allow a total battery capacity of more than 100 kWh. Also this would allow to charge with 250 kW, like in the Model 3. But then Elon Musk has denied in a tweet that 2170 cells will be used.

Also the European CCS-charging standard is expected to be used, as already in the Model 3. The interior is supposed to come very clean like in the Model 3 with the dashboard instruments moving onto a vertically oriented touchscreen in the center. Those changes would also prepare the cars for autonomous drive.

This facelift could be available as early as June, but is more likely to come in Q3 2019.

BTW: the titel image is just a design study.

This article was also published in German.

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