MAN Presents Electric Trucks

At an event on electric mobility and the impact of the coming EU regulations for CO2 emissions (“Électromobilité et Transport Urbain face au Big-Bang réglementaire du CO2“) the bus and truck manufacturer MAN presented their first electric truck models at the French Automotive Club in Paris. Three prototypes of trucks for urban and cross-country freight transport were presented.

There is first the eTGE, a delivery vehicle for urban and inner-city transport, ideal for professionals and bakeries.

The eTGM looks like a regular truck, but has a battery pack on the floor. MAN claims already 350 preorders. Currently, 10 eTGM are already running in a test operation with a client in Austria.

While those former models are barely distinguishable from their combustion ancestors, the CITe is a completely new concept.

Even the driver’s cockpit is way more digitized and equipped with a number of digital displays, not least as the rear facing mirrors are replaced by cameras.

Here is the official performance data.

Battery Capacity100kWh270kWh230kWh

Disclaimer: I was the keynote speaker at this event.

This article was also published in German.


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