Apple Car – Best Pictures And Videos So Far Plus A History

Apple Car (C) Jean Bai

Apple’s autonomous experimental vehicles with those new sensor mounts have been discussed here already twice (here and here), but yesterday we went on a special hunt for the vehicle – and got extremely lucky. As soon as we approached one of the Apple buildings housing the self-driving car group, one vehicle came directly towards us. We turned our car and followed them.

A closer look at the box and what it’s hiding may be

  • 4 cameras (1 middle front, 1 middle back, 2 sides positioned at the front)
  • 4 LiDARs (on each corner)
  • 2 Radar (on each front corner)

Am I missing something?

Apple Car (C) Jean Bai
Apple Car testing in Cupertino. (C) Jean Bai

Here are close up shots of the car from all angles and sides. The pictures and videos are copyright Jean Bai and Mario Herger (for any inquiries).

And here is the video:

We have now encountered at leas three generations of Apple self-driving cars. The first one was this one about 2.5 years ago:

And then this in rain with the bulky sensor mount on the roof:

This article was also published in German.


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