Part 3 – CES: Audi

As the third German manufacturer, Audi was represented at the CES 2020 with a rather daring stand. At first, there was nothing to suggest that Audi was behind the plastic spaghetti, and then the movie poster for Spies in Disguise immediately greeted you. An Audi has a prominent role there, it serves as a heroic vehicle, as in the film iRobot with Will Smith, who had a role in both films.

In the spaghetti forest, Audi then shows its technologies, such as this screen, which takes up the entire width of the car.

Between the other areas there was a version of the e-tron that looked a little different from the one you see on the streets today. The shapes and colors of the combination rear lamp are reminiscent of the presentation of a concept car by CES last year.

And there were also concept cars with swivel seats, which seem to be a kind of must, but they have never appeared in a production car and probably never will, because people tend to get sick when they sit at right angles to the direction of travel.

Here too, the results are mixed. Better than BMW, on a par with Mercedes, but the stand design shows more innovation than the products. And I may sound harsh, but I compare that above all with other manufacturers, such as Byton, Ford, Fisker or Karma in electric driving. And just leaving out the steering wheel in a concept car does not make it drive autonomously. If we want to stay on top, we have to do better than that.

This article was also published in German.

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