Part 2 – CES2020: BMW

I’m a little indecisive about what to write about BMW. Because there was nothing. Like last year, BMW had reserved a huge area in front of the pavilion, but this time it was mainly chairs that were supposed to show concepts.

The most exciting thing at BMW was the opportunity to test drive all internal combustion engines and hybrids – especially SUVs – and the i8 and i3. Nothing new really, and this was evident from the manageable queue of people waiting for the test drives (see the picture below).

The excitement in the queue of BMW test drivers can be clearly felt – or not.

In general, the crush at the BMW stand on the first day was manageable. Last year at the same time there was definitely more action.

And that’s where the crowds are coming in. Here comes another one.

The BMW performance at CES is lousy. They don’t present any innovation, no novelty, not even the will to survive. And the audience brutally repays the traditional German manufacturer. They don’t want to have anything to do with such an unwilling and obviously dying brand anymore and leave it alone. Humanity has moved on.

This article was also published in German.


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