BMW did not fiddle about the edges, they are in for making broad strokes at the CES 2019. Not just a booth in a hall did they hide out, no, directly across the main entrance of the Las Vegas Conference did they open a test area with their own small hall

This hall showcased as their single gem the BMW iNEXT concept vehicle. This chunky car, which is supposed to drive electrical and autonomously, appears a bit anachronistic and the opposite of what is necessary with the BMW kidneys. Those kidneys are the biggest ones that a BMW ever had, although an electric vehicle needs them as much as this: zero.

The same redesign was applied to other elements not needed anymore: the exhaust  pipes. They make American Monster trucks feel envious.

What this caricature retro-design promises, is continued inside the car. The fabrics – or more precisely: Smart-fabrics, more about that shortly – look like velvet. When exactly was that fashionable the last time? When Elvis was still alive? Right, he also drove a BMW.

The choice of fabrics seems to be an automotive design trend. Also the French love it, as Peugeot’s electric concept vehicle showed.

What’s hidden beneath those fabrics on the back seat is touch functionality. With them passengers can change the music and the volume. Above the passenger is a projector installed that can be used to watch movies on a white surface, or even interact with gestures with the content.

Here is a video that demonstrates the touch functionality of the smart fabric:

This article was also published in German.


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