Tesla-Update: Recognition Of Traffic Lights, Stop Signs And Other Traffic Signs And Objects [VIDEO]

A new software update for all Tesla models (version: 2019.40.50.7) has now introduced some interesting display elements in addition to games and voice inputs. For example, traffic lights and their signal color, stop signs, road markings such as turning and direction arrows, railroad crossings and, interestingly enough, garbage cans can be recognized and shown on the touchscreen display.

Without errors, the display of traffic lights, stop signs and the direction arrows and railroad crossings applied to the road definitely works. The system is a little more difficult to detect waste bins accurately. The system may mistake gravestones or flower boxes for trash cans. It is also interesting to see which parked vehicles are displayed and which are not. Here is a video with the new display objects how it came across to me while driving in a Californian city.

This article was also published in German.


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