Tesla Autopilot: Reacting to Traffic Signals and Stop-Signs

With the last software update from Tesla came the version 2020.12.11.1 loaded on the cars, which also includes the reaction to traffic lights and stop signs. The detection of these traffic systems came to the cars a few months ago. Now I have tested the function myself in California on my Model 3 Performance with hardware from June 2019. The language setting in the car is German by the way.

What did I notice?

  • The vehicle stops in autopilot mode at red lights and stop signs;
  • The vehicle will not automatically start moving when the light is green;
  • The vehicle does not automatically start moving after the stop sign;
  • The vehicle does not turn on its own even when navigating with autopilot;
  • The vehicle slows down to a standstill when approaching a traffic light controlled intersection with green phase;

Here a video with a supercut of the different scenarios:

This article was also published in German.


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