Driving School For Autonomous DiDi Vehicles

I have seen DiDi vehicles based on Lincoln MKZ several times, including several sightings of a new DiDi vehicle (Nissan Leaf). However, I noticed that the latter always drove in the wake of a Lincoln MKZ, but I was not able to take videos of both.

But today was the day. It passed in front of us and we took up pursuit. Notice that another Didi-Lincoln-MKZ came towards us on the opposite lane.

Why the Nissan Leaf currently always drives in a Lincoln MKZ can only be speculated. One assumption is that the new sensor suite on the Nissan Leaf might still be driving behind the Lincoln MKZ for calibration and tuning until the systems are on a par. A “driving school”, so to speak, for the new sensor setups…

This article was also published in German.

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