Porsche And Kopernikus Automotive Show Autonomous Porsche In The Workshop

The German start-up Kopernikus Automotive and Porsche have shown a first implementation of an autonomously controlled Porsche that drives independently to a workshop. Kopernikus Automotive is the only German start-up to develop the complete technology to convert vehicles to autonomous driving. The goal of the collaboration with Porsche was to allow a vehicle to drive autonomously from a parking area to a workshop.

Thanks to The Kopernikus Remote A.I. Driver, the Porsche is controlled by the “workshop” and the appropriate workshop space is assigned. For this purpose, cameras and sensors were installed on masts on the workshop premises, in this case a Porsche development center in Ludwigsburg, and the Kopernikus hardware was installed in the test vehicle. The site itself was virtually recreated and the neural network was trained on it by machine learning.

This means moving from a rigidly programmed system to a more flexible, intelligent one, said Alexander Haas, Project Manager Automated Driving in the Workshop at Porsche. This also reduces the number of sensors in the vehicle itself.

More about the project including video can be found here.

This article was also published in German.

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