Model Y Production And Tests [VIDEO]

The distribution warehouses are full of Model Y, as a drive-by a few days ago showed, and the first customers received their electric SUV as early as March 13. And that half a year before the originally announced delivery date.

Now Tesla has published a small teaser video, which gives us a little insight into the Model Y production and the tests. Here it is.

This article was also published in German.


  1. Want one, but I can’t figure out how they didn’t include any way to cover the cargo or even a place to put an aftermarket cargo cover. People are breaking into Teslas, its a thing. You can never leave anything inside that giant cargo area in the city, you need to put it all in the undertrunks and Frunk. A bit pointless. And worse, when somebody does figure out a way to make a cargo cover, that will make you stand out to the thieves as somebody who has a reason to have the cover.

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