Canoo Presents Electric Multi Purpose Vehicle Concept

The end of the year is just around the corner and the new automotive start-ups are showing us what we can put on our wish lists. After Lucid Motors or Zoox, another company is now presenting its vehicle concept. Canoo, based in Los Angeles, had already presented a subscription-based passenger vehicle, now the company folllows up with a multi-purpose vehicle concept.

The vehicle is designed for food trucks, artisans, and deliveries, but even as a camping van can serve a Canoo. As a delivery truck, the multi-purpose vehicle can be flexibly designed with customizable shelves, interiors, and exterior features for use as a food truck, mobile café, flower store, or fruit store, and for craftsmen, there’s even a loading area with induction loops to charge their tools. Thanks to drive-by-wire, the steering wheel can be positioned as desired, as Canoo has already impressively demonstrated in several videos.

The battery capacity ranges from 20 to 80 kWh and is also based on a battery cell design as already used by Tesla. The vehicle can be equipped with 1 or 2 electric motors, and the expandable skateboard concept allows different bodies and vehicle dimensions. Connections for power delivery are also built in, so that craftsmen, for example, can get by without a generator and operate tools.

Some fun facts were that the cargo area can fit 1270 pizza boxes, 57 shoe boxes, 80 plumbing pipes, 167 ply wood panels or 36,729 tacos. In addition, the vehicle is fully digitized, which a food truck operator, for example, can use to announce its imminent arrival to customers directly from the truck.

The base variant is expected to start at $33,000 US.

The van is also said to be able to drive autonomously, and Canoo showed a brief glimpse of test drives. Finally, two more vehicles were teased: a pickup and a sedan.

Here is the video with the entire concept reveal:

This article was also published in German.


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