First Images From German University Project On Autonomous Electric Vehicle Concept

A project funded with more than 26 million euros by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and led by RWTH Aachen University with 23 partners is currently developing a modular vehicle concept under the project name UNICARagil, which is intended to achieve several goals at once.

In view of the changes in the automotive industry, various vehicle concepts should make it possible to develop and improve modular, electric drive technology, sensor technology, electronics, autonomous driving and the associated software components together with communication to the traffic infrastructure. In the process, the necessary know-how is also to be built up at the universities and among the partners by the end of the project in 2022, and a corresponding catalog of measures to public bodies is to be drawn up. Here in more detail from the project website:

The main element of the research and development work is the functional vehicle architecture, which is connected with the cloud, the road infrastructure and a sensor drone. Further main focuses are the development of generically designed sensor modules for environment perception, a flexibly extendable and updatable software and hardware architecture as well as highly agile wheel drives. They allow completely new movement forms in traffic and make UNICARagil vehicles particularly agile. The demonstration of four different applications on test fields in Germany completes the project.

UNICARagil Vehicle Concepts: autoTAXI, autoELF, autoSHUTTLE, autoCARGO

Since the project began in 2018, quite few images of a vehicle under construction have been released, but slowly, including on the project’s LinkedIn page, more are coming to light.

There are also some videos on the project’s YouTube channel:

This article was also published in German.


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