Tesla Hits Motor Bikers And Flips Over

This footage from a video camera in Taiwan shows a Tesla Model 3 (or Y) running a red light and entering cross traffic, knocking down a group of moped and motorcycle riders before driving into a lane divider and overturning.

The Tesla causing this accident on March 23, 2021 is said to have been driving in autopilot mode, according to initial information. This information seems dubious, as the vehicle is not between the very clearly marked lane markings, but drives over them. Tesla’s user manual states that the use of Autopilot is not permitted in the city.

What is also remarkable is that the Tesla tips over. Thanks to the battery packs installed on the ground, the center of gravity is very low in electric cars, which very rarely causes them to tip over.

To what extent people have been harmed and how serious the injuries are, is not known.

This article was also published in German.


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