GM Starts Production of First Cruise Origin Test Vehicles

The extent to which mobility is changing can be seen in the new types of vehicles coming onto the market. Driverless and electric shuttle buses from Navya, Easymile or Locomotion can now be found in many cities, at least for test phases, but now the first major car manufacturer is entering the scene. General Motors’ self-driving division, Cruise Automation, not only received $5 billion in credit lines from GM Financials, giving it $10 billion on hand, but also began production of the first of 1,000 Cruise Origin vehicles.

This type of vehicle was already introduced by Cruise a few months ago, but so far only digitally. It differs from shuttle buses in that passengers can only sit inside, similar to Canoo or Zoox, but cannot stand. Now, production of the electric-powered autonomous shuttle started and Oliver Cameron, whose startup Voyage was bought by Cruise three months ago, shared first videos of the vehicle’s production.

This article was also published in German.


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