GM Cruise Introduces Autonomous Shuttle

The self-propelled division of General Motors today unveiled a new vehicle in San Francisco that is autonomous and electrically powered. Its form and function is reminiscent of Navya AUTONOM CAB and Canoo.

The Cruise Origin no longer has a steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedals, nor rear-view mirrors, and offers more space with the same dimensions as today’s cars. The doors slide to the side and offer three times as much space, allowing for more comfortable boarding and more legroom inside the car. The vehicle is designed to last 1 million miles (1.6 million kilometers) and was developed in cooperation with Honda.

According to GM Cruise, this is not a concept car, but is to go into production. The vehicle itself will drive as a Robotaxi in a fleet and will not be sold to individuals. Each household should be able to save $5,000 a year in transportation costs.

The vehicle could be tested in San Francisco if it currently – due to legal regulations – does not drive faster than 25 miles per hour (~40 km/h). The vehicle weighs less than 1,400 kilograms (less than 3,000 pounds) and has exterior cameras that can rotate around its own axis.

Here is a gallery of images:

And here a video by The Verge:

This article was also published in German.


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