French Navya Presents AUTONOM CAB

A few days ago we were the first to show a photo of AUTONOM CAB from French startup Navya in Lyon, now the company officially presented the vehicle.

The driverless vehicle fits 6 passengers and is equipped with 10 Lidar-systems, 6 cameras, 4 radars, 2 high precision GPS systems, and one inertial measurement unit.The car does not have a steering wheel or pedals. Starting 2018, the car will be tested on Paris streets and shall replace taxis. The price tag per vehicle is between €230,000 and €250,000 and reaches a top speed of 80 km/h.

So far Navya was known for its autonomous minishuttles – small buses for up to 12 passengers. Those shuttles can drive a fixed route, stop at every pre-programmed station or stop on-demand. Navya has 160 employees and raised €30 million of venture capital, with investors including Keolis (an investment group belonging to the French railway SNCF) and Valeo.

This announcement comes at the same time that Waymo revealed the official start of its driverless taxi service Chandler in Arizona.

This article has also been published in German.


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