Tesla’s Xmas Update

Christmas is here and with it a major software update that Tesla owners can get and currently upload to all vehicles. Version 11.0 includes the following new or updated features:

  • Tesla Light Show
  • New User Interface
  • Updated Navigation
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Audio
  • Blind Spot Camera
  • Sentry Mode Live Camera Access
  • Comfort Suspension when in Autopilot
  • Cold Weather Improvements

Not all features are available on all vehicles, as older (pre-2019) Model S and X in particular, but Model 3 lack certain hardware-related features.

Tesla Light Show

One of the most interesting new features is the Tesla Light Show. As with the Model X back in 2015, music can be played, lights can be switched on and some other functions of the car (window regulators) can be controlled to provide a light and music show. What’s new, though, is that you can now upload light shows you’ve created yourself via USB stick. Instructions are available on Github.

Tesla Light Show xLights Guide – Github

Tesla demonstrated in the following video, how the final results looks like:

Audio – Megaphone

All vehicles built in 2019 and later have external speakers, which were actually intended by law to emit warning signals while driving because electric cars are too quiet at low speeds, making it easy for other road users to overhear them. Tesla adopted this hardware for a Megaphone feature that allows drivers to communicate with the environment.

I’m already curious how people will use this function in a “creative way” and what excitements there will be.

Blind Spot Camera

Indications of objects in the mirror’s blind spot can now be shown on the display by the reverse cameras mounted on the turn signal above the front tire.

User Interface

The user interface on the display now allows Model 3 and Y owners to customize it like the Model S and X vehicles. This allows apps to be added to the lower launch area.

Sentry Mode Live Camera Access

Previously, footage in Guard Mode, which automatically turns on when the vehicle is parked and then begins filming the area around the vehicle when motion is detected, could only be viewed after the fact when returning to the vehicle. With this software update, Tesla now allows viewing of activity around the vehicle on the smartphone when the owner is away from the car, but the feature reports activity.

Games & Entertainment

For the gamers among Tesla users, there are new games: Sudoku, Sony the Hedgehog and Battle of Polytopia for multiplayer play.

A much requested function is now also available: freely arrangeable stopovers during navigation with information on arrival times and the expected battery charging status.

Additional Features

Smaller, for some abr equally important features include after valet service setting one for car wash streets and automatic seat heater setting.


Welche aktuellen Ängste prägen uns? Mit welchen Ängsten waren die Menschen in der Vergangenheit konfrontiert, als es die heutigen Technologien noch nicht gab? Warum mischen wir heute im Wettbewerb der Kulturen um neue Technologien nicht ganz vorne mit? Welche Maßnahmen müssen wir ergreifen, um neue Technologien nicht als etwas Beängstigendes und Feindseliges zu betrachten, sondern als ein Mittel zur Lösung der großen Probleme der Menschheit?

Ab sofort erhältlich im Buchhandel, beim Verlag und bei Amazon.

This article was also published in German.

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