Pony.ai Loses Test License

Just months after losing the driverless test license it was one of eight companies to hold, Pony.ai has now lost its test license with a safety driver. The California DMV revoked the license from the Chinese startup with a Milpitas office this Tuesday.

The reason was apparently the lack of records on the driving reports of the safety drivers. The DMV confirmed to Techcrunch the revocation of the license

In reviewing Pony.ai’s application for test permit renewal, DMV found numerous violations on the driving records of active Pony.ai safety drivers. Due to the critical role of safety drivers in the safe testing of autonomous technologies and the need for these drivers to have a clean driving record in accordance with DMV’s autonomous vehicle regulations, DMV is revoking the permit effective immediately

Pony.ai had 41 test vehicles and 71 safety drivers in operation. While Pony.ai has thus lost its license in California, the company has just received one for driverless driving in Beijing, as well as a cab license in Guangzhou.

Currently, this means that 47 companies in California have a test license, 7 of which have a driverless test license for testing autonomous vehicles on public roads.

This article was also posted in German.


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