Vinfast – the Vietnamese EV Brand

The emergence of new brands from countries that were not known as car manufacturers shows how much the car world has changed. The Vietnamese manufacturer Vinfast, for example, had a large booth at CES 2022, where a number of electric cars were presented.

During an extended weekend in Santa Monica, I stumbled across two new Vinfast retail locations at once. One in Beverley Hills, another in Santa Monica. I immediately went to see the VF6 SUV, which had been displayed as a family car with 290 miles (about 460 kilometers) of range.

The frunk is a bit small, and the trunk also does not offer the generous space you are used to in other electric cars. On the other hand, it looks good and has, for example, a HUD and also a camera that is mounted on the steering column and monitors the driver’s attention. The car will also come with a third row of seats.

Here are a few impressions:

This article was also published in German.

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