Cruise Origin Spotted in San Francisco

Oliver Cameron, Product VP of Cruise, posted this stunning photo of one of Cruise’s San Francisco depots. Cruise, part of General Motors, has been operating a fully driverless robotaxi fleet for a year. I’ve reported on my previous rides in it several times.

On the one hand, Cameron announces with this photo that there are now more than 100 Cruise on the road every night in the city as driverless robotaxis, on the other hand he has hidden a little Easter egg in the picture. There you can see the new Cruise Origin, a completely new robotaxi platform that no longer has a driver’s seat or steering wheel. I already had more detailed photos in other reports.

The fact that the first vehicle is now in San Francisco, ready to hit the streets, is good news and probably an indication that the test permit will be granted soon or – gasp! – has already been granted(?).

(C) Shelly Scott

This article was also published in German.

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