Waymo’s New Robotaxi Without Steering Wheel

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Waymo presented the prototype of the new platform in addition to the previously known autonomous vehicles, some of which are already historic. It is based on the battery-electric Zeekr model from the Chinese manufacturer Geely. What makes it special is that it comes without a steering wheel. And it is supposed to be able to drive up to 140km/h, and thus also on highways.

In contrast to the robotic cab concepts of Cruise and Zoox, the passengers here sit in the traditional arrangement one behind the other. The vehicle is already in production and is to be put into test use on the roads “soon”. Another interesting feature is that there is storage space for luggage in the back. Also, the electric sliding doors open and close automatically, and the Waymo Driver V5 – all sensors, hardware and software, are already in use on other vehicles (Jaguar iPace and Fiat-Chrysler minivan).

Here is a video of the interior of the vehicle.

And here general pictures:

This article was also published in German.


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