Tesla’s Mysterious Car Poses a Riddle

The Tesla Investor Day 2023 last Wednesday offered no real innovations, and certainly no unveiling of a new vehicle. But again and again there were references to the “Next Gen-Vehicle”, where some of the improvements should then fully unfold (cost and material savings, more power etc.).

In the slides with all the vehicle models, two shrouded vehicles were shown. Above them are numbers that are supposed to indicate the unit number potential.

The vehicle on the far right is estimated at 700 million units, the one on the left at 300 million. In comparison, Tesla puts the potential for Model S/X at a joint 40 million units, and for Model 3/Y at 380 million. The vehicle shrouded on the right is the ominous “Next Gen Vehicle,” which will presumably be a vehicle priced around $25,000. However, there will be a separate unveiling date for this, as chief designer Franz von Holzhausen announced.

The vehicle on the left, however, seems to be completely mysterious. It does not correspond to any known shape of the previous Tesla vehicles, it is too angular at the back for that. What is this one? An SUV with much more cargo space? Or a van with a more boxy rear end à la Renault Kangoo? If the proportions of the vehicles on this slide are the same, then this vehicle seems to be quite a bit bigger than the Model X or Y.

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Could it be a vehicle type that expands the range from passenger vehicles to vans, approaching vans like those offered by Rivian from the smaller-volume side? Or is Tesla just trying to throw us off here?

What do you think?

Here in the video you can see this slide starting at 43:24:

This article was also published in German.

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