More Stalled Robotaxis by Cruise and Waymo

Two fleets of robotic taxis are on the road in San Francisco, and the more of them there are in the city, the more incidents start to occur. And by incidents, we mean individual vehicles getting stuck. The reasons for this can be many and varied, but it is these real-world tests that help identify the causes and iron them out.

First there was a report of a Waymo stuck in a lane on 16th Street narrowed by road works, and then three with Cruise vehicles, which were fixed more or less quickly. The following one caused a traffic jam in a single lane road (Grant Ave). Twenty minutes later the jam there was cleared.

In the following video, there are four Cruise on one road, two on the left turn lane, two on the right. The reason for the accumulation in one place at this intersection could be, among other things, connection problems to the cloud and the control center.

And in this video at the intersection of Bush Street and Leavenworth Stree, the Cruise seems to recognize the left lane as a travel lane, even though they are parking spaces. After a few seconds of shock, however, the Cruise continues in the right lane.

This article was also published in German.

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