A Close Look at Rivian’s Delivery Vans

The electric delivery trucks of the American electric car manufacturer Rivian have already passed in front of my camera lens several times, but the opportunity to inspect them more closely arose only recently, thanks to a visit of a group of truck drivers and logistics companies.

We had the opportunity to inspect two types of these all-electric delivery trucks. The blue one, in the colors of the most important customer and also shareholder in the company, Amazon, is the one used in the U.S. The retail giant has already received more than one thousand of the 100,000 ordered. Another 10,000 are scheduled to be delivered this year.

The smaller one, in white, shows the dimensions as it will be used in Europe. Slightly less wide, slightly less long, with both vehicles being based on a modular design. The length of both vehicles can be extended or shortened. This white delivery truck currently serves as Rivian’s service vehicle for the Amazon fleet.

Nice to see are the internals, the large, upright walk-in cabins and cargo compartments with plenty of light. The driver’s cab has a very large windshield, and the equally large side windows allow a good view of what’s going on around the vehicle. The doors close automatically when starting and moving away from the vehicle, and the driver’s doors open when approaching.

The vehicles have one electric motor and drive in the manner to which electric car drivers are accustomed: with immediate torque, quietly, comfortably. Even in an initial television report, Amazon drivers expressed their enthusiasm, and so did the experts in this group. The vehicles were called very well thought-throug, with an experience tailored to the drivers’ needs. The test drives gave delighted smiles on the group’s faces.

Here is another video, filmed directly from inside the vehicles:

This article was also published in German.

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