Mercedes-Benz, NVIDIA showcase autonomous cars at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is in full swing and like in the last year all automakers are present. Many use the week to showcase their latest developments (and many of them will follow next week with a visit to Silicon Valley, which has become the center of the new automotive industry).

The graphic chip maker NVIDIA, which received the license for testing autonomous vehicles on California’s roads as the 20th company last December, demonstrated its autonomous vehicle. In the following video different driving scenarios at streets and the highways around San Mateo just south of San Francisco are shown.

Also Mercedes-Benz shows its Drive Pilot in a specially equipped E-class production car, driving in Nevada, showing how to keep lanes and turn after a manually set turn signal is used and checked against the HERE maps. The car is equipped with two forward facing cameras, and with a forward facing plus four additional radar sensors on each corner.

Somehow annoying does seem the repeated requests of the Drive Pilot that the driver touches the steering wheel and a sensor attached on it. Mercedes purposely put that feature in to ensure the driver pays attention to traffic and road condition. The functionality is expected to be available end of 2017 in the S-class.

Both NVIDIA and Mercedes-Benz vehicles are currently displaying Level 2 of 5 autonomous driving capability. An estimate when the different automakers will reach what level of autonomy can be found here.

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