Cruise Automation plans to hire additional 1,163 employees in San Francisco

Self-driving technology startup Cruise Automation, which was acquired in 2016 by General Motors for 580 million dollars, plans to hire an additional 1,163 employees for its San Francisco location. Forbes reported that the company is planning to invest 14 million dollars and will get tax credits of 8 million dollars.

Currently Cruise Automation itself has 150 employees, with GM coming to a toal of 485 in San Francisco. The number shall grow to 1,648 until 2021. The average salary is 116,000 dollars. A big challenge will be to find enough qualified self-driving engineers.

Cruise Automation is testing its fleet of 25 cars (Chevrolet Volts) in San Francisco and Scottsdale, AZ. GM also announced plans to manufacture a fleet of autonomous Chevorlet Bolts in Michigan, which shall help to accelerate the pace of developing self-driving technology.

This article has also been published in German.


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