GM Adds 300 More Cars to its Self-Driving Fleet

General Motors will be adding 300 more self-driving cars to its fleet. Cruise Automation, the startup acquired by GM last year, is currently testing its fleet in San Francisco and Phoenix, Arizona. A few days ago GM had announced to hire additional 1,100 employees for its self-driving team.

From documents that were submitted to the FCC, the IEEE could deduct that GM is planning to equip an additional 300 cars with Lidar- and radar sensors. To test sensors in the public special permits need to be received. Because of the large number of requested permits the FCC came back to the companies and ask more details about the intended test series.

The Japanese automotive supplier Alps Electric submitted paper work to receive a permit for 3,000 of its radar sensor, so-called Ukaza, which operate in a frequency range of 76-81 Gigahertz. Those radar sensors will commence being tested starting May 1st. Alps Electric explained to the FCC that each car will be equipped with 10 of those sensors.

A few days later GM’s R&D department also submitted special permits for the Ukaza, without the number. Only one day later another automotive supplier, Bosch, submitted documents for special permits for 650 radar sensors to equip a total of 162 vehicles.

Acorrding to a Reuters-report from February this year GM is planning to even send several thousand autonomous, electric vehicles on the roads for public tests.

With the new recent announcements from Waymo, aiming at sending 600 autonomous cars on the road, we will be seeing way more cars on the roads. And more cars also means faster improvement of the technology.

This article has also been published in German.


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