New Details in Fatal Accident With Uber’s Self-Driving Cars

After the fatal accident with a self-driving car from Uber in Tempe in Arizona, more details are surfacing. At a press-conference the local police department told media some details on the accident.

An autonomous Uber vehicle – a Volvo XC90 – was traveling with 40 miles per hour at 10pm local time in autonomous mode, when a 49-year-old woman pushing a bicycle suddenly stepped on the street. The woman was hit by the car and thrown to the ground. She later died from her injuries.

The safety driver on board of the Uber vehicles was not driving impaired. The weather and sight was clear. There are video recordings both from inside and outside of the vehicle.

Uber has temporarily suspended the operation of all its cars and is cooperating with the local police to investigate the cause of the accident.

This article has also been published in German.


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