Tesla produces 86,555 and delivers 90,700 cars in Q4

2018 is over and Tesla published the production and delivery numbers for the fourth quarter. In total 86,555 cars were manufactured, and 90,700 delivered. That’s more than 8 percent more deliveries than in the Q3 which held the record so far.


The details report 63,150 Model 3 deliveries, 13 percent more than in Q3, 13,500 Model S and 14,050 Model X.


For the entire year the deliveries reached 245,240 vehicles, of which 145,846 were Model 3, 99,394 were Model S and X. The delivery numbers for 2018 are almost the same as the deliveries for the prior years since the start of the company combined.


At the same time with the end of the higher tax rebates for electrical vehicles, Tesla announced a discount of 2,000 dollars for U.S. customer. 2019 is also marking the start of Model 3 deliveries to Europe and China.

This article was also published in German.


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