Lucid Motors Breaks Ground

The electric vehicle offering in the premium segment is picking up speed. After a slow period for Lucid Motors the EV car maker based in Newark is making headlines.

Several months ago the company could finalize a billion dollar financing round, and a few days ago the company broke ground for its new car factor in Arizona. The factor at a cost of 700 million dollars is expected to start operation in 2020.

Construction of a first beta-body-prototype has also begun in Newark.

The company expects to offer their first electric premium vehicle, the Lucid Air, around 2021 for a price starting at 60,000 dollars. Lucid Motors’ head of production is no other than Peter Hochholdinger, who worked for years at Audi, and recently was ramping up Tesla’s production of the Model 3.

This article has also been published in German.


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