Tesla Insurance

Tesla has been offering its own car insurance to its customers in California for almost a year. I switched in February 2020. One surprising detail was that the same insurance at Tesla was almost a third cheaper. While I paid around 960 dollars (882 euros) for a six-month-period with my old insurer, the amount with Tesla Insurance was only 640 dollars (589 euros).

Now today – in the middle of the Corona virus lockdown – I received an e-mail from Tesla Insurance, who, in view of the crisis, credited me 20 percent of the insurance premium for March and April.

Dear Tesla Insurance Customer,
To help support our customers during these uncertain times, Tesla Insurance Services is providing you with a 20% credit for your March and April auto insurance payments.
We will automatically credit the card on your account most recently used for payment. No action is required on your part with credits issued automatically in the coming weeks.
If you have any questions, please contact us at (844) 348-3752.
Thank you,
Tesla Insurance Services

A nice surprise, which again confirms the reasons already listed, what other manufacturers would have to do to make me switch from my Tesla to another electric car. Tesla takes care of its customers.

Screenshot of the email from Tesla Insurance Services received in my inbox today

Tesla’s potential to offer further services around insurance is already conceivable today. Thanks to the ability to access driving data fom each vehicle, Tesla can determine the actual risk profile of the policyholder and, for example, make flexible rate adjustments if the owner uses autopilot frequently and is therefore safer on the road.

This article was also published in German.


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