Lucid Air & Lucid SUV Spotted

Shortly before the official presentation of the Lucid Air on September 9th, a Lucid SUV was sighted in addition to a Lucid Air. In the Lucid Owner Forum a user named Hawk posted several pictures showing the two vehicles in Pescadero near the Pacific coast west of Palo Alto. The road was blocked by a police car of the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

The Lucid Air first hit the headlines because it has a range of more than 800 kilometers on a single charge, making it the highest of all mass-produced electric vehicles. The Lucid Air is to be delivered from the end of the year.

On September 9, apparently in addition to the production version of Lucid Air, the next model, an SUV, will be presented. The appearance of the vehicles obviously served the purpose of filming a promo video.

The first Lucid Store showroom at Lucid Motor’s headquarters in Newark is not yet open to the general public, but only by appointment. Presumably it will become generally accessible after the official presentation. A Lucid test vehicle was sighted for this purpose.

This article was also published in German.

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