How TeleGuidance Helps Zoox Vehicles to Navigate Difficult Traffic Scenarios

More and more autonomous vehicle developers are raising the curtain behind their technology and approaches that make autonomous cars safe and better and better. We already had first contributions on tele-operations of autonomous cars, which are supposed to help them to master difficult and confusing traffic situations without danger.

In a video, the Amazon start-up Zoox has now presented two approaches to how TeleGuidance offers support to vehicles through tele-operators.

  1. Path planning
  2. Object recategorization

In the first approach, a human tele-operator helps the vehicle to plan a new path, which allows it to avoid a blocking object, such as a double-pared truck. In the second approach, objects such as a pickup truck whose driver is doing road infrastructure work, but is interpreted by the Zoox vehicle as an active vehicle participating in traffic and waiting to move on, can be recategorized as stationary objects.

Here is the video with these examples:

This article was also published in German.


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