Zoox With Teleguidance [VIDEO]

Autonomous cars don’t have to be able to solve all driving scenarios, at least not from the start. I’ve already talked here about the likelihood that the first fleets of robotaxis could be there sooner than expected because of the ability to use some kind of remote control. This involves a human driver sitting in the operations center, who intervenes and controls the vehicle as soon as it reports because it is stuck in a traffic situation it is unfamiliar with.

Voyage (acquired by GM Cruise) has the Telessist, AutoX uses teleoperators, and now Zoox (acquired by Amazon) has shown a video where the Zoox TeleGuidance is used. But a simplified version of such a system could also be in the car itself in the future. A small touchscreen could ask the passenger in which direction the vehicle should turn. This of course would come into operation only for rare cases. Apple is rumored to have patents that hint at such a function in the vehicle.

In the video, the vehicle recognizes that it is approaching a complicated construction site in San Francisco, so it requests guidance from a TeleOperator, receives a suggestion, and then autonomously drives the suggested path to the other side.

This article was also published in German.

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