AutoX Starts Driverless Autonomous Fleet Operation in Shenzhen

The Chinese startup AutoX will begin testing a fleet of 25 driverless self-driving cars in downtown Shenzhen this Thursday. This makes AutoX the first company in China to offer such an autonomous driving service without security drivers.

In Phoenix, USA, Waymo has been operating the first public driverless commercial robotaxi service for some time. In California, in addition to AutoX, four other companies (Waymo, Nuro, GM Cruise, Zoox) have a license to operate autonomous cars without a safety driver on public roads.

For the time being, the AutoX-Robotaxi service is not yet available to the public. In China, several start-ups and companies are currently working on the development of autonomous cars. AutoX and in Shenzhen, and WeRide in Guangzhou, Momenta in Suzhou, Baidu’s Apollo fleet in Beijing, to name a few. The autonomous haulage companies in turn work closely with traditional car manufacturers to make their vehicles smarter and more suitable for the transportation of the future.

Here a video of AutoX:

This article was also published in German.


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