Mercedes Unveils EQXX Concept

Just in time for the start of CES this week (where I’ll also be), Mercedes unveiled another concept vehicle. Unlike Mercedes CES vehicles of recent years, however, among which were pretty much smoke grenades, the all-electric EQXX is said to be “close” to a production vehicle. An indication of this are the details that Mercedes presented today.

1,000 kilometers of range, 117 solar cells, a battery of 100 kWh that weighs only 495 kilograms (30% less than that of the EQS) and has a voltage of 900 volts, electric motor with up to 203 hp and a drag coefficient of 0.17.

The EQXX is visually reminiscent of the Aston Martin DBS, but also of an elongated version of the Alpha ACE. The interior is also very spartan by Mercedes standards. A 47.5-inch screen that stretches the entire length from the driver’s to the passenger’s side at the A-pillar and very few physical shift buttons characterize the interior. Where and how exactly the access to further functions will happen, except for those that can be operated by the buttons integrated in the steering wheel, is not apparent from the photos. The display seems too far away for that.

Sustainability is also a priority when it comes to materials. Vegan leather, lightweight materials, low-CO2 flat steel from scrap are just a few of the sustainable materials. And a “Star Cloud” avatar is to act as a virtual “travel companion.

When it will come, if it will come, what it will cost and what it will really be equipped with, all was not said. Here are a few pictures:

And here the video:

This article was also published in German.

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