Tesla Profit 2021 Increases Seven Fold

Tesla‘s 2021 numbers were released today and they confirm the quarterly numbers we already know. Here are the numbers

  • Revenue: $53.8 billion (2020: $31.5 billion)
  • Profit: $5.5 billion (2020: $721 million)
  • Issued debt: $1.46 billion (2020: $1.58 billion)
  • Cash reserves: $17.5 billion (2020: $19.3 billion);
  • Tesla expects 50% annual growth in vehicle sales (was +86% from 2020 to 2021);
  • Number of Superchargers worldwide: 3,476;
  • Gigafactory Austin has started production of Model Y;
  • Gigafactory Grünheide is in approval phase;
  • Gigafactory Grünheide will still use the conventional 2170 battery cells, not the new 4680;
  • Shanghai is main export supplier until Berlin will start operations;
  • FSD Beta: 60,000 testers in the USA.


What current fears are shaping us? What fears did people face in the past when today’s technologies did not exist? Why are we not at the forefront of the competition between cultures for new technologies today? What actions do we need to take to see new technologies not as something scary and hostile, but as a means of solving humanity’s big problems?

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Annual growth has averaged 62 percent in recent years, with the lowest annual growth at 39 percent. Although cash reserves fell, two gigafactories are currently under construction and the others in expansion, which are being financed with them. Also the factories are not at full capacity operating, due to supply chain disruptions.

It is interesting to note that the Austin Gigafactory, which was built barely 3 months after the start of construction of the Berlin-Grünheide Gigafactory, has now already started production, after less than two years. The official horse whinnies strongly in Germany.

To serve the Tesla skeptics as well: If this goes on and the others get started, Tesla will soon be bankrupt anyway!

See also Phrase Ideas for Tesla Haters: “Tesla has to prove first…”

This article was also published in German.


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