iCar 2.0: Is Apple Restarting Its Automotive Ambitions?

It’s just been a few months since Apple buried ambitions for developing its own car. Many employees that were recruited from Tesla and other car manufacturers were let go and went back to their former employers.

In February, we spotted Apple’s first autonomous test vehicle in downtown Palo Alto, and in April Apple received a test license from the Californian DMV. Apple stated that the company will focus on software. Several times Apple’s cars were spotted with massive arrays of sensors.

Now rumors are surfacing that Apple is again on a recruiting spree. Contacts from local Silicon Valley automotive industry confirmed that in the past few weeks and months they were contacted by Apple’s recruiters.

The questions that we ask is whether Apple relaunched its ambitions to develop their own car (iCar), and then why now? Were there any technological developments that let Apple change course or is Apple searching for new challenges after finishing construction of its new campus Apple Park?

Any tips and hints are highly appreciated!

This article has also been published in German.


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