Tesla Bot – A Minion For Your Factory and Mars Colonization

Tesla is always good for surprises. If you thought that Elon Musk’s biggest news at today’s Tesla AI Day would be some enhancements to artificial intelligence for full self-driving or new AI chips, you were way off. But so off the mark.

Elon Musk presented the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot. It will be just under 173 centimeters tall, weigh 57 kilograms and be able to lift or carry 20 kilograms. The maximum speed of movement is said to be 8 km/h. Musk joked that it would be possible to run away from this bot and overpower it, so people would not have to be afraid of these bots overpowering people one day. They are also supposed to be friendly and serve to relieve people of dangerous and boring routine tasks. They should serve people so that they don’t have to do these kinds of tasks anymore.

The Tesla Bot will use the technologies already employed in Tesla electric cars. The Teslas themselves are already semi-sentient (semi-conscious) robots that register the environment and react to it. Thus, the AI chips, Autopilot, Full Self Driving software, and sensor technologies are to be used in the Tesla Bot. A total of 40 actuators and lightweight materials are to be used.

Presumably, such Tesla Bots could find their application not only on Earth in factories for production and services for humans, but also in Musk’s ambitious plans to colonize Mars with his other company SpaceX. Before any more humans are sent to Mars, such Tesla bots could also be sent ahead and used to build shelters and prepare for landing humans on Mars. Musk, however, did not lose a word about this.

Musk expects to be able to present a prototype in the course of next year. In view of this robot, Musk is sure that an unconditional basic income will be inevitable.

Tesla is also looking for employees to work on this bot. You can apply at tesla.com/AI. Here is the part about the Tesla Bot:

And here is the recording of the entire live stream:

This article was also published in German.


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